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Anton Verevkin

Anton Verevkin
QR code phone +1 416 623-7675
ICQ 14034454

My name is Anton. Also known as verik in both the online and the offline worlds.

I was born in May 1980 in Moscow. Gemini.
In 2003 I graduated from the Moscow State Technical University Bauman as a B.Sc. in Computer Science. In parallel I made my studies in the French University College in Moscow, faculty of law.

Since 1998 I work in IT - building and maintaining local and wide area networks. I love Linux (you should love it, otherwise you can not live with it) and at the same time I work well with Microsoft products and enjoy working with VoIP equipment.

I had a chance to work as a systems administrator for small companies and international enterprises, a Web-studio and Internet Service Provider. Besides, for three years I was developing my own IT company and successfully sold it afterwards. Now I live in Toronto, Ontario and work as a Systems Administrator at a TV company and I really enjoy what I am doing.

I speak English, Russian, French and German and write in c++, Delphi, php and bash :)
I am always seeking for active life. I enjoy cycling and rock climbing.